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Six Ways to Rally Your Company During a Rebrand (and How Your Agency Can Help)

by Molly Rice  |  
October 24, 2012

Marketers know a rebrand is more than a shiny new logo or ad campaign. It requires a compelling vision (including your positioning) that can be understood and articulated by all—starting with your company's leadership and employees.

Whatever the reason for the rebrand—entering a new market, targeting a new audience—your agency should help you sell the rebrand inside your company's walls. Your most potent brand advocates are your colleagues. After all, if they haven't bought into the rebrand and the philosophy behind it, why in the world would anyone else?

Having helped hundreds of companies go through the branding and rebranding processes, I have identified six steps to making sure your company is ready from the inside out.

1. Start at the top

Your agency should help you get your leadership on board from the get-go—from making an impression on the board to simulating for management the kind of positive experience that customers should be experiencing. If your agency isn't driving the plan for acquiring management's full support of a revised brand promise, you probably need a new agency.

When we developed a new brand positioning for one of our bank clients around superior customer service, we branded it internally (in the bank) as "Sterling Service" and then brought in white-gloved waiters serving lunch on sterling platters to emphasize our point and help get funding from the board. Sure, we had all the other ducks in a row for the program to be successful, but bringing the vision to life in a memorable way made a great impression.

The point is, all levels of leadership need to understand what the new vision is, what the new experience feels like, and why it matters.

2. Enlist HR

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Molly Rice is the cofounder and CEO of Minneapolis-based brand consulting firm Spyglass Creative, which works with companies that need to redefine, reposition, or relaunch themselves in the marketplace. Contact Molly at, or visit Spyglass's Facebook page.

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  • by Muzzammil Bambot - Thu Oct 25, 2012 via web

    Great Post Molly

    ReBranding is a very important activity specially for the bigger brands out there. Existing customers need to know that Brand B =Rebranded Brand A along with imbibing the marketing message in the aspirational potential customers.

    Adding to your points, another great way to implement the rebranding message is to leverage the channels present on the Internet viz. Social Media, Forums, Content Blogs and the big daddy of all- temporary Microsites

    Creating an infographic about the story of the company from inception to date also helps build and strengthen the brand message while taking care of the brand transition.

    Employees play an equally important role in rebranding. Taking this to the next level is to have the employee engage online through the language of content and incentivising the employee for his effort. I'm sure this will work out cheaper and add more value to a brand than one marketer screaming on top of his voice. You potentially have 20,000 brand ambassadors. Imagine having a blog on the website with 20,000 people speaking on it. This might eventually assist in revenue generation also.

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