When establishing your branding and ensuring the protection of your brand, you inevitably deal with legal issues. When you do, keep three key points in mind.

First, your brand is best protected when you comprehensively cover all your bases: copyright, patent registration, and trademarking of your name and symbols. Don't just focus on one or two; you need to take care of all three.

Second, you need to aggressively protect your patents and copyrights; be thorough with contracts, ensure secrecy, and keep on top of legal filings.

Third, move quickly, because your competition is just around the corner; if you have something to protect, register it as soon as possible.

Nine Legal Issues

Protecting your product or business brand, one of the most fundamental aspects of your market presence, is not something that should be taken lightly or ignored.

From the very beginning of your business, you need to create and maintain a solid intellectual property (IP), patent, and copyright strategy that protects your own brand while keeping you safe from accusations of infringement by others.

So, how do you go about securing your business brand and other IP via copyright, patent, and trademark? Here are tips on nine key legal issues you need to take care of.

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Brett Gold is a writer who covers small business attorneys in Chicago, including Hays Firm LLC. He has worked in the legal industry for 10+ years.