Now that your business has survived the much-hyped "end of the world," handling your online marketing should be a piece of cake, right? But just in case you need some help, here's a list of 10 do's and 10 don'ts to keep your online presence on the right track in 2013.

Don't: Use blanket "Like Us" messages to drive people to your social media pages.

Do: Give consumers a reason to like you, follow you, circle you, or whatever other action they need to take when promoting your social pages in emails, blogs, or your website. Highlight unique benefits they get by joining your social community—exclusive offers, contests, entertaining or informative content—to show that you understand what they want.

Don't: Set up social profiles and leave them virtual ghost towns.

Do: Show off your business on social media by posting relevant, useful, and sharable content. Engaging polls, fun videos of new products or services, or fan/follower-only deals, specials, or events are great places to start. And if you're not sure what to post, go directly to the source and ask current fans and followers what they'd like to see.

Don't: Set and forget your online marketing campaigns.

Do: Create effective ads with strong CTAs (calls to action) and keep any offers, specials, products, or services listed in your ads up to date. An online ad can be your potential customers' first impression of your business online, so make it a strong one. Also, actively monitor your campaign performance to see what works to drive the most leads and adjust your efforts accordingly. Because who doesn't want better ROI?

Don't: Substitute a social media page for a website.

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Tara Banda is a content marketing manager for ReachLocal, a global online marketing firm. On the ReachLocal blog she writes about how businesses can reach consumers with local online marketing.


Twitter: @Tbanda