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17 Types of Content That Google Will Eat Up

by Jeff Foster  |  
February 18, 2013

1. Interviews

Google rewards those who publish great content for their users. An easy way to publish such content is to interview experts within your industry and publish the interviews—which needn't be done in person.

Check out this example from BrightLocal; the interview might have done by email, over the phone, or in person:

The benefits of interviewing experts are several: The experts would likely link back to you; your users will trust you because they trust the experts; Google will trust you if you have correct coding in place for them to see co-author citation.

You will benefit most if you use rel=author tags in your site and you ask your guest bloggers to add your site in Google+ as a site they contribute to. Watch this video tutorial on how to correctly code authorship markup.

2. Lists

People like to read lists, which are easily generated. They are also unique content that Google will love. All you need to do is express your thoughts on any sort of "top 10":

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Jeff Foster is the CEO at Tomoson, an influencer marketplace that lets businesses connect with targeted, niche audiences and allows influencers to get paid for posting sponsored content.

LinkedIn: Jeff Foster

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  • by Pete Kane Mon Feb 18, 2013 via web

    Thanks for the article. Some really good stuff.

  • by Jana Mon Feb 18, 2013 via web

    Thanks for the article Jeff - The best I have read on the subject!

  • by Jana Mon Feb 18, 2013 via web

    That is a 5 star rating I gave - not a 1!

    [Jana, your rating has been updated to a 5 - Aaron]

  • by Bonnie Chomica Mon Feb 18, 2013 via web

    Awesome, Jeff! The ultimate list that I can share with clients who still don't get what 'content' is, and some great tips for myself ;)

  • by Jeff Foster Mon Feb 18, 2013 via web

    Does anybody have any other types of content they use that I can add to future lists?

  • by bob Mon Feb 18, 2013 via web

    Informative article dispelling the all too common predilection toward electronic magazines and digital store fronts. Thanks for the insight on innovative approaches to display content.

  • by Yves Mon Feb 18, 2013 via web

    This was a great article! Thank you for the interesting and comprehensive post. This is clearly the best article that I've read on this subject.

  • by Bob Brown Tue Feb 19, 2013 via web

    Jeff, This is super! I have been working on a very unique Business and was planning on using almost all the points you are making. This is a great list!


  • by Nick Stamoulis Tue Feb 19, 2013 via web

    All great examples. I know the number one complaint I hear from my clients is they don't know what to write about. Clearly there is no shortage of ways to present your content if you just approach it from a different angle?

  • by Bob Brown Tue Feb 19, 2013 via web

    Jeff, I will be interviewing a lot of Pro Athletes and I will also be giving a lot of interviews. Your list just makes my day, it will keep me pushing on this 3 year project.


  • by Sergey Thu Feb 21, 2013 via web

    Such a great work describing what content really is, Jeff. The part about Resource Centers can be really useful as not many people use it. And, of course, fun content brings a lot of people even if this content is not really related to what you are doing. All in all, a great piece of advice, thank you!

  • by Suzanne Thu Feb 21, 2013 via web

    Great post, Jeff. Good wake up about moving away from writing about your keywords. I still believe in focusing on the top questions a businesses clients have, however.

  • by Sasha Fri Feb 22, 2013 via web

    Hi, Jeff! What do you think about gamification - how should it be involved in the content of high quality?

  • by Ed Smith Fri Feb 22, 2013 via web

    Those interested in content management might also consider a great new COntent Management Course upcoming free thru

  • by Sara Chambers-Moss Sat Feb 23, 2013 via web

    Great, thorough and informative article! I'll be using it to mix things up on my blog. Thank you!

  • by Dave LaBerge Thu Mar 7, 2013 via web

    Rants. . . I love it.

  • by Marketingcomics Wed Apr 3, 2013 via web

    Thanks Jeff,
    Really useful post. Especially for beginners like myself :)

  • by Bill Mon May 27, 2013 via web

    Great article reminding me of things I've forgotten. The Resource Center, in particular, applies to my business. Thanks!

  • by krishinc Thu Sep 5, 2013 via web

    Nice article - It describes Convey information with your content Google not in mood to accept uninformative article.

  • by Lani Kirwan Tue Oct 8, 2013 via web

    Wow, great article! I especially like the infographic. This article helps me to think outside of the box with content generation and website building. Adding a resource center, is something I am definitely going to do. Also, rants are always entertaining...good call with that one.

  • by LRCI Thu Nov 27, 2014 via web

    Regardless of the many changes Google makes on determining a website's value, the information posted in this article will always remain at the top of Google's priorities.

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