Question 11: Are blogging and social media viable lead nurture tools?

In our experience, marketing should address these three levels: the prospect level, or why the prospect shou buy from you rather than any of your competitors; the product level, or why the prospect should buy this product rather than any other product; and the process level, or why the prospect should read this article, click on this link, view this Web page instead of reading other articles, not clicking, or viewing your competitor's Web pages?

Thus, every blog article and every social media posting needs to address one or more of those three questions related to you, your product, and the action you're asking them to take.

Now, given that necessary condition, blogs and social media CAN be used for lead nurturing if your blog and social media content follows prospects' buying process, which essentially follows their thought process.

Blogs and Social Media as Lead Generation Tools

For those prospects who are active online, your blog and social media provide an easy way for them to learn about you. That is, they generate leads for you.

Blogging has proven to be especially proficient for B2B technology companies to gain greater exposure to their target markets.

In the realm of social media for B2B, LinkedIn is the clear winner over Facebook and Twitter. Appropriate use of LinkedIn can also increase your exposure to your target market.

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