Question 13: What are the keys to successful nurture campaigns?

Here's a quick list of five:

1. A clear, powerful, and unique core value proposition (CVP). Your CVP answers "Why should I buy your product instead of a comparable product from one of your competitors?"

2. Evidential support for your value proposition. Facts, figures, data, quotes from experts and customers, and other specific data that proves what you say and demonstrates that you have a truly unique solution to your prospect's problem.

3. A valuable offer to initiate the conversation. You provide something of value (report, Webinar, video, etc.) that aligns with your value proposition and has enough value for a prospect to agree to engage in a digital conversation with you (your "opt-in").

4. A clear understanding of prospects' buying (thought) process and the associated sticking points for each stage of the buying process. Once they opt in, the conversation begins. You'll provide valuable content that moves them through the buying process and relieves the sticking points.

5. A steady hand. Nurture campaigns don't run themselves; they require constant maintenance, adjustment, and review. You're constantly watching what people do, and then trying to understand why they did (or didn't) do it, and what that might mean.

Think of a nurture campaign as a whole series of value propositions, where you accumulate what we call "micro-yeses." At each step, your prospect is asking...

  • Why should I open and read this email instead of all my other messages?
  • Why should I click on the link in this email and potentially waste my valuable time?
  • Why should I accept your offer (for a report, video, etc.), when my time might be better spent elsewhere?

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