Many marketing organizations are placing an emphasis on the role of teleprospecting as a component of their business-to-business lead generation strategy.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind that emphasis is the endorsement that teleprospecting has received from SiriusDecisions, a leading sales and marketing research and advisory firm, when it added teleprospecting to its new Demand Waterfall model.

As a result, many organizations are turning to third-party teleservice vendors for the first time. Navigating the dense outsourcing market of providers can be overwhelming even for the most experienced marketer, however.

The following are seven steps that can help you locate, evaluate, and select the right teleprospecting partner for your organization.

1. Define what services you need

Before you set out on your evaluation, it is critical to assess your needs.

Marketing and Sales management should jointly discuss your organization's teleprospecting requirements. For example, organizations may need account profiling expertise, assistance qualifying leads and setting appointments, or help with nurturing long-term leads.

All of those can fall under the umbrella term of "teleprospecting," so if you do not properly define your team's needs, you may waste time with vendors ill-suited for the task.

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image of Kathy Rizzo

Kathy Rizzo is vice-president of sales and marketing at TeleNet Marketing Solutions, a lead generation and lead nurturing company.

LinkedIn: Kathy Rizzo