I'm a solo-preneur and a guy, and I run a women's jewelry and accessories store. I needed data to understand women's jewelry-buying habits. So I designed a survey, ran a contest, and marketed it via lifestyle bloggers.

My effort generated 718 completed responses (639 from women) for less than $350—way more economical than survey response solutions out there that charge $3 or more per responder from their panels.

Here's how I did it.

Survey Design and Hosting


To keep the survey short, I had only 11 questions, but more than one-third were open-ended questions (text-box response) that resulted in a lot of detailed responses.

Four questions were on demographics, and three check-box questions were about price points, how often respondents wore jewelry, and their style aesthetic.

The remaining four questions were open-ended, such as "What are your favorite fashion jewelry stores and why?" and "Are there certain types of jewelry that you want but can't easily find?" I sifted through the responses to those to gain insight.

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image of Ash Moosa

Ash Moosa runs Outfit Additions, a jewelry and accessories store. He is based in Berkeley, California. Reach him via amoosa@outfitadditions.com.

LinkedIn: Ash Moosa