Editor's note: The previous installment covered three content marketing mistakes: Your content doesn't have specific goals; your content doesn't have anything to sell; and your content didn't bother asking for the transaction. In this installment, the author lists and discusses four more content marketing mistakes.

4. Your content sounds like everyone else's

Am I imagining it—or does it sometimes feel as if the same blogger writes for every blog? Word choice, metaphors, structure, cadence, they all sound the same!

Don't be assimilated into the blogger Borg collective.

Write with vulnerability, enough that it makes you nervous to hit the publish button.

Read BrainPickings.org, read fiction, watch those deeply intellectual movies that make no sense (and watch them with the subtitles on).

Don't read those who "write blogs"; read those who string words into colorful threads—and those threads into paragraphs of tapestry that even the uninitiated could not confuse for a mere article.

Play with language. Know that each word you select performs a function, paints a picture.

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Tommy Walker is an online marketing strategist and the host of Inside The Mind and The Mindfire Chats, fresh and entertaining shows that aim to shake up online and content marketing.

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