When the need arises to train a large department within your organization on a new marketing campaign, or you find yourself having to relay crucial marketing information to partners or associates in a short amount of time, traditional e-learning methods just won't cut it.

Fortunately, e-learning has evolved, bypassing the days of online content libraries that were as boring as they were long. New training methodologies help you distill your information and dispense it quickly and effectively to even the largest of teams.

Here are some tips on how create powerful and engaging messages while slashing the time and costs.

Ditch the PowerPoint, bring on the HD video

If slide-based trainings bore the pants off you, then why are you still using them to share information? It's time to bring HD video off the bench and into the game. If you're training a team about the new brand messages being rolled out for a certain product, don't say to them what the messages are—show them.

Effective, engaging videos pull people in, and do a better job of explaining the new way the product is being marketed. For instance, using carefully selected music and sounds can paint the vibe of the product's target audience. And including 10-second clips of target-specific characters describing a new product conveys the whole message visually.

Your employees will understand, enjoy, and remember what the product is all about far better than if they had merely read a few slides.

To add high-end video effects, remember to...

  • Change scenes, move a character, or add a bullet every 6-10 seconds.
  • If you want a professional-looking video, use professional-grade equipment, lighting, and microphones. Your iPhone in a dimly lit room doesn't cut it.
  • Harness crowdsourcing to improve the quality. If you're looking for a clip or image, designers have posted sample work that's very good and affordable to crowd-sourcing sites

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image of Tom Graunke

Tom Graunke is the founder and CEO of StormWind. He is an e-learning luminary with 20+ years of corporate messaging and training experience and previously founded Mastering Computers and KnowledgeNet.

LinkedIn: Tom Graunke