Social networks were meant for real humans. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were intended for real people—for real-life conversations about real-life things.

But, of course, it wasn't long until we marketers saw an opportunity. And off we went: fan pages, corporate Twitter accounts, people trying to sell stuff on social networks...

Well, if done wisely, social media can become a powerful medium for driving traffic to your site, engaging with clients, and managing your brand's reputation. The trick is to preserve a human face while acting on behalf of your company. But how?

Different Styles of Social Management

Of course, each social media promoter has his/her own style of managing social media marketing (SMM) campaigns. Yet I'd single out four social management styles that differ according to the degree of their aggressiveness, productivity, and the amount of manual labor involved.

1. Manual posting

Nearly all social management newbies begin by handling their accounts, well, by hand. This method surely has its advantages, but it works best at the initial stage of one's social media career, when one is still learning the ropes.

2. Scheduled posting

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image of Alesia Krush

Alesia Krush is a digital marketer at software provider Link-Assistant.Com, which offers SEO PowerSuite, a professional toolset for all-round SEO, and BuzzBundle, a social marketing app launched in 2012.

Twitter: @AlesiaKrush