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Many bloggers produce content that is overflowing with great ideas, exciting potential, and great advice, but they don't know how to emotionally connect with readers, hold their attention, and get readers sucked into their blog posts and articles.

Here, I want to give you five easy tactics you can use to instantly transform any blog post from an ordinary piece of content into an empathetic work of art.

This article covers three main topics:

1. How to make your posts stand out
2. How to get readers sucked into whatever you write
3. How to get readers to feel connected with you and your blog

So, with that, let's get started.

1. You must be interesting

If you've ever stopped to look around at what holds our attention today, you'd conclude three things do: music, television, and books.

And what do all three have in common?

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Chris Nosal blogs about marketing strategies at his marketing blog.