Content is king... That's what all the buzz has been about, right? Yet the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark Report   found that only 36% of businesses believe their content marketing is effective. (See the B2C version here.)

Why? Simply put, with so many competing priorities, marketers struggle with producing not only enough content but also content that justifies their investment by truly engaging users.

Timely, pithy, and unique content is critical to establishing awareness and trust with your audience. The need for you to produce content is not going away.

So how do you make content work for your brand?

1. Get serious about creating trusted editorial

You may not know it, but you have a head start on professional news organizations in terms of quality. Doubling down and getting skilled writing professionals in the door can take your program to the next level. That doesn't need to impact headcount; the marketplace is filled with talented freelancers who might be a perfect fit for your particular project. Just be sure to have a dedicated person managing these projects for a consistent level of quality and a steady drumbeat of content.

Having professional writers producing quality content can also help draw in your users. Here's how online consumers qualify "quality content" (all of which professional writers can bring), according to Behavior Shift: Getting Content in Front of Consumers, a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf onRelate:

  • From a source already known in the offline world (60%)
  • Includes images (24%)
  • Includes author image and byline (23%)
  • Includes embedded video (11%)

Content that keeps online consumers most engaged on your site longer builds the trust that drives them back to your site. As for purchase decisions, consumers say they trust content from a brand or manufacturer's website (44%) or content pushed to them via email newsletters from brands the products and services of which they use (51%). (These and subsequent findings are from Behavior Shift: Getting Content in Front of Consumers.)

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Neil Mody is the founder and CEO of nRelate, a content discovery platform now serving 75,000 publishers, empowering them to both increase traffic and drive revenue through sponsored article recommendations.