Marketers already know the importance of SEO, but building a comprehensive program can be overwhelming and difficult.

With so many businesses jumping into the online space, it might seem futile to dedicate time, money, and resources trying to get on the first page of Google.

If the thought of SEO makes your head hurt, here's a tried and tested step-by-step guide on how to create and execute a killer SEO keyword strategy.

Methodology to Find New Keywords

Using Google's Keyword Tool, you can experiment with finding keywords in two ways:

  1. Keywords that are relevant to your product offering or service
  2. Keywords used to find direct and indirect competitors of yours

Satisfying No. 1 is based on using a combination of logic, intuition, and looking at existing keyword data from AdWords and Google Analytics. Try thinking "if I were a potential customer who had no knowledge about my company, what would I type into Google search to find the product I'm looking for?"

For example, one possibility for a marketing firm is "content marketing," so you would input that term into the Keywords Tool to analyze its search volume and relevancy to your product offering.

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image of Aaliyah Madadi

Aaliyah Madadi is part of the marketing team at Uberflip, a digital publishing company, where she specializes in B2B content marketing. She recently published two whitepapers: "The Limitations of PDFs for Marketers" and "HTML5: What Marketers Need to Know." Aaliyah manages social media for Uberflip, so follow her on Twitter (@Uberflip) and Facebook (Uberflip).