Can a computer really understand and interpret your customer's needs? We know computers can win in Jeopardy! and chess, but can they compete on personal interaction?

Even though computers might still need some direction from humans, in business to customer communication it seems a computer might, in many instances, be better suited to take care of your customer communications than you or your staff.


Because computer systems can gather and assess information about your customers and automatically contact them with relevant and timely information that is personalized.

Offering personalized correspondence can be tricky for a person to manage, especially when dealing with a large customer list. However, an automated system (i.e., marketing automation software) can automatically determine information about customers based on website-viewing behavior and previous purchases, and it can automatically send information and updates that are specifically tailored for them.

Many companies still employ a traditional approach to email marketing, with predictable mass emails attempting to reach the greatest possible number of consumers.

But automated email marketing will reach each person with information that is specifically tailored, building a personalized rapport.

The perfect sales conversation is one that caters to the customer: It's accessible, engaging (entertaining, even), and understanding of customer needs.

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image of Jaime Brugueras

Jaime Brugueras is a 10-year marketing analyst veteran and the co-founder of marketing automation software firm Mineful.

Twitter: @brugueras

LinkedIn: Jaime Brugueras.