Want to get frighteningly good at content marketing?

Take a trip with me to the dark side. Off we go... venturing into some scary territory: the human psyche. Who knows what we'll find. It could be creepy, but it has to be done.

You see, us content marketers are possessed by the wants and desires of our prospects and customers. It's our job to understand their dreams. You don't need an advanced degree in shrinkology to understand that fears play the villain's role when the lights are out.

What keeps your customers up at night?

If you've heard that one many times it's because the question is at the core of the marketer's quest. When the threat is revealed, the strategy for slaying it begins to form.

Let's look at few sleep deprivers in the consumer space. We'll say Annie's heads on her pillow, but her mind is busy:

  • How can I get those varmints out of my garden?
  • Why do my children keep coming down with the flu?
  • Where did I leave my iPhone?
  • What must I do to improve my backhand?
  • When will Mr. Right arrive in my life?

Clearly, Annie's your ordinary toss-and-turner. What about Danny? He's down for the night, but business woes are whirling around his brain:

  • How can find an assistant to lighten my load?
  • Why are my billable hours down?
  • Where are those forecasts I need?
  • What's gone wrong with the new business proposal?
  • When is the CEO going to get out of my face?

There's nothing abnormal about Danny, either. He longs for answers just like you and I do. By the light of moon, the questions often look like monsters.

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Barry Feldman is the author of SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans. Barry operates Feldman Creative and provides content marketing consulting, copywriting, and creative direction services. He contributes to top marketing sites and was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. To get a piece of his mind, visit his blog, The Point.

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