I participated in a recent tweet chat, and the topic for the week was storytelling, which seems to be the latest marketing buzzword, although corporate storytelling isn't anything new.

Keep in mind that storytelling is less about creating a mini-episode on your website or broadcast commercial, and more about communicating the story of your brand in a meaningful way so that your audience gets what you are about, remembers you, and advocates you and your cause.

You should be doing that sort of communication with every piece of content—telling your story in a personal, authentic way that engages your reader to take action. You connect with your audience through your brand; you tell them who you are, what you do, why they should care and trust you, and why you can help them.

And to do that, you must reach and speak to each person on an individual and personal level.

I call that "Argo-izing" your content.

I hope you either saw Argo or heard someone talking about the film. There is no doubt why the film won the Best Picture Oscar. The filmmakers followed what I now call the Argo rule: Lure them in, keep them engaged end-to-end, and keep them talking about you long after it is over.

So how do you go about Argo-izing your content?

Four Rules

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Sue Duris is president of M4 Communications Inc., a Palo Alto, CA-based marketing strategy and communications firmthat helps technology, entertainment and nonprofit organizations build and extend their brands. Reach her via sduris@m4comm.com.

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