A full content marketing strategy has many moving pieces: It might include a blog, a resource center, infographics, newsletters, social media, and whatever we decide to invent (or reimagine!) next week. And, too often, marketers tend to adopt a "more is better" mentality, directing a fire hose of content at a highly distractible audience.

What's more, it can be difficult for content creators on the backend to keep track of and derive the greatest benefits from the digital assets they already have, losing them within a disorganized content fray.

Rather than throwing as much budget as possible toward content creation, taking a "quality over quantity" approach can reap greater rewards. We'll discuss why a "less is more" approach is beneficial and how to ensure any content you do create has the maximum marketing impact.

Create less content with more purpose

One of the primary goals of any marketing activity is to present a brand's products or services in a favorable light. But in today's content-driven online environment, marketing materials about content not directly about the product are often just as valuable to a company as the products themselves. White papers, instructional e-books, how-to articles, videos, images, and infographics are, in many instances, replacing traditional advertisements.

Accordingly, it makes financial sense to treat each piece of marketing content like a valuable product with a measurable ROI rather than just another blip in a marketing spam barrage.

When marketers adapt a more is better mentality, they essentially create spam that neither their current nor their potential customers want to read. Catchy headlines with useless content may drive readers to a site, but they'll bounce quickly, never to return. A barrage of hastily made videos weakens a customer's reputation and expertise standing in the customer's eye.

Instead, think of creating epic content as if it were an investment. Invest the time, invest the money, and your product or company will become an industry expert and leader rather than a nuisance.

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Jane Zupan is VP of marketing for open source content management platform Nuxeo.

LinkedIn: Jane Zupan

Twitter: @JaneZupan