I got to interview Albert Einstein. It was insane. Here's how it all went down.

First, let me tell you, as a blogger and podcaster I have a fairly high success rate for getting interviews with all kinds of interesting people. As you know, interviews with experts make for compelling content.

Booking time with Einstein was a bit tricky, though. He's a big shot. I figured some of the usual preparatory tactics (commenting on his blog, tweeting, book reviews, etc.) wouldn't work.

We're talking about a Nobel Prize winner here. What are the chances he'd discover me via social media?

Sometimes I introduce myself to these industry celebs at conferences, but it seems Albert's never gone to an online marketing event and is never going to. The word is he's mostly into science. I don't think I can handle one of those types of shows.

The biggest problem is... Einstein is dead.

Since I had no strategy for landing the Einstein interview, I decided to just place a call to his people. Tough task. At Einstein.biz, they do have a contact form, but it has just two fields and one of those irritating CAPTCHA forms. There's no process whatsoever for requesting interviews. Physicists are evasive suckers.

When I finally did get in touch with his people, they insisted Albert was completely unavailable for interviews. I tried my best to be polite and pushy at the same time, but to no avail. They told me he was dead.

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