I'm often asked whether marketing automation technology is mature enough for one business environment or another. I hear a lot of excuses about why it won't work. My company is too small. My product is too transactional. My leads don't respond. My porridge is too cold.

My standard response to questions about the technology's maturity is to ask about the maturity of the marketing team. Technology is technology. Your success with technology still depends on the marketers who are mashing the buttons and pulling the levers.

Your company may be small or large. Your product may be transactional or pricey. Your buyer may be a business or a consumer. It doesn't matter to the technology. It matters only to the marketers applying the technology.

Here are a few guidelines.

My company is too small for marketing automation

No business is too small to take advantage of marketing automation. In fact, small companies are ideally suited to marketing automation because of their need to stretch resources, find efficiencies, and build repeatable business processes. Also, smaller companies often have an easier path to implementation than their larger rivals. Size adds complexity. More cooks in the kitchen means more cookbooks to buy and more ingredients to prep. Training and planning are paramount regardless of the size of the organization.

When you implement your marketing automation program, you'll be asking "why" a lot. Existing processes will be evaluated and streamlined. For large companies, that's going to be a massive undertaking that'll drive change across the enterprise. Change takes time. And the more complexity we add to that change, the more we need to reinforce the change with training, practice, and incentives. Smaller companies are nimble enough to absorb the impacts in stride.

In the end, it's less about the size of your company and more about the makeup of your marketing team. Whether you have five employees or 5,000, you have a product to sell.

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