Most content marketing is intelligent and strategic and professional. But it's also a bit... limp. Middle-of-the-road. Safe.

That's what Velocity's recent SlideShare, "The Other C Word," is all about.

I've embedded it here—to save you googling—and then added some great examples of confident content marketing below.

When Ann Handley of MarketingProfs ( read "The Other C Word," she immediately added another vital ingredient that's shared by all great content marketing: Empathy.

Ann definitely has a point. Confidence without empathy is arrogance. And nobody likes arrogance.

But confidence with empathy is magic. As a reader, I'll go anywhere a confident, empathetic writer wants to take me. (But I won't get out of bed for a mealy-mouthed or self-centered writer).

Using the multiplication sign completes the equation: Confidence x Empathy = Great Content

If either value is zero, the results will be zero too. If both values are high, the results will skyrocket.

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Doug Kessler is a co-founder and the creative director of London-based B2B content marketing agency Velocity, which publishes a steady stream of content about content marketing.


Twitter: @dougkessler