It is that time of year again, when employees are forced to attend a "morale-building event" that is typically designed in such a way that it does nothing of the sort. Rather, it is "the event that must be attended" that no one wants to attend.

But if you consider the five elements outlined below, a holiday party actually can be a fabulous bonding opportunity and an event to look forward to. It offers a great way to develop personal connections that lower stress and boost happiness. And who wouldn't look forward to that?

A well-designed event is a way to nurture relationships and build a higher level of trust. It allows guests to build lasting relationships that translate into the business environment.

If you are in charge of spearheading this event, you may be wondering, Where do I begin? What are the most important elements to consider in planning a holiday party?

Remember that the party doesn't have to be the same old thing as last year, nor should it. It shouldn't be considered an afterthought forced on an overworked administrative assistant or HR or communications department.

Sometimes, outsourcing the event is a great option, allowing all of the attendees the opportunity to enjoy it rather than one person or department being forced to work the event. The right event planner asks you the questions needed to create an event that accomplishes your company's goals—not just a generic "pretty" holiday party.

So let's look at five elements that have an enormous impact on the outcome of your event.

1. Vision

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Cassie Brown is the chief experience officer at TCG Events, an award-winning full-service event-planning company.

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