The conversation went something like this:

Marketer: "And then use this 'Share' button in your LinkedIn account to share with your network the links to articles and blog posts you've written."

Fee-earner/professional, with look of mild horror on face: "But, I can't do that. That's spamming."

Marketer: "It's not spamming. This is your network to communicate with. Either you asked them to dance and they accepted, or they asked you to dance and you accepted. It's the safest and most important network you have."

And then the light switches on in the client's eyes: LinkedIn—like any social media platform—is there to help him reach out to clients and potential clients.

An Untapped, Free Resource

In this third of three articles focusing on how the professions—lawyers, consultants, accountants, etc.—can effectively market using new/digital media, I focus on LinkedIn.

So much has and will be written about LinkedIn. And why not? It remains a huge, untapped resource for professionals to achieve marketing success. And LinkedIn's network continues to grow. From 2011 to 2012, for example, LinkedIn's membership grew 45% worldwide, and 39% of members in 2012 had the title Manager, Director, Owner, Chief Officer, or Vice-President. (LinkedIn Ad Platform, via Amodiovalerio Verde.)

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image of Nicholas A. Kosar

Nicholas Kosar manages marketing campaigns for an AmLaw 100 law firm in Washington, DC. Prior to his work in the professional services sector, he was in book, magazine, and digital publishing.

LinkedIn: Nick Kosar

Twitter: @nakosar