The world is small. Right now I'm talking to you, and you may be thousands of miles away. Yet you can leave a comment and I can reply in minutes.

Reaching people is easy these days. For all intents and purposes, we no longer have technological barriers and geographical boundaries to worry about. Brand awareness is easy to come by.

Or is it?

If you run your own business or you are tasked with improving your company's brand image, you know better than most that the barriers maybe lower and people maybe easier to reach, but life is still tough.

Brand Awareness is hard to come by.

A Modern-Day Issue

Just because you can doesn't mean you will.

We could all become the next Coca-Cola, but most of us won't. In fact, the vast majority of companies will come nowhere near such success. One of the biggest reasons is how companies approach brand awareness.

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image of Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner is a strategic marketing consultant and author who helps writers and entrepreneurs create brand stories. Reach him via his website,, email him at, and follow him on Twitter @turndog_million.