We might be living in the age of the Internet, but print collateral is still a part of just about every organization's marketing arsenal. So let's start with some common questions and answers that inevitably arise in the print-project process.

Whenever a client asks "Is it possible to..." normally our answer is "Absolutely." The better question would be "Can I affordably produce..."

Whenever a client asks "Where are the quantity price breaks?" our answer is "The first one is really expensive; after that it's minimal."

Whenever a client asks "Can I add another color without paying more? After all, it's only a four-color job and it's running on a six color press," our answer is "More colors means more money."

Whenever a client says "I love that blue there, but over here I want the blue to be more yellow," we say "Unless you want to go to PMS with a specialty ink, that is probably not possible."

So, as you can see, there are various options, scenarios, and variables to take into consideration when putting together a professional printing job. A high level of understanding between customer and provider is truly the key to coming up with solid options that are both effective and affordable.

Myths and misunderstandings abound about the printing industry, just as with most industries. Hopefully, I can shed some light on those myths and provide some factual information that customers will find helpful when purchasing printed materials.

Offset, Color, and Digital

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Debbie Simpson is the president of Multi-Craft, a privately held marketing services and support company founded in 1955.