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Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation: 15 Key Questions Answered (Questions 2-4)

by Sid Smith  |  
January 16, 2013

Editor's note: Part 2 of this series answers three questions: How do we get started with lead nurturing/marketing automation? What is lead nurturing and how does it work? How long will it take to see ROI on lead nurture? (See Part 1 here.)

Question 2: How do we get started with lead nurturing/marketing automation?

What should you have in place before starting on marketing automation/lead nurturing?

Lead Nurture Requirements

Preparing for marketing automation and lead nurturing is somewhat like preparing for a long vacation.

You've learned over the years to do certain things that make your vacation go a lot smoother; similarly, we've found that you can make the marketing automation and lead nurturing trip go much more smoothly if you're prepared, and we've put together a checklist.

The following is a condensed, summarized version of a more complete checklist that you'll find a link for under the "Tool You Can Use" heading in this article.

Do It Right the First Time

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Sid Smith is lead copywriter and marketing automation specialist for Albertson Performance Group. Sid has written on topics ranging from flex circuits to motherhood, but gets a real kick out of putting together the puzzle pieces of complex marketing automation strategies. Reach him via

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  • by Michaela Tue Jan 22, 2013 via web

    Hi Sid,

    I really like the idea of lead automation. I currently run CPV/PPC campaigns, and was wondering where else I can use lead automation. Please let me know. Thanks!


  • by Sid Smith Fri Jan 25, 2013 via web

    @Michaela: The principles of lead nurture/automation apply regardless of HOW you get your leads. You can get leads through CPV/PPC, direct mail, or Inbound marketing (SEO, Social). The secret sauce is in WHAT you do when that lead gets to your site. This is a VERY simplified answer --

    1) The landing page offers something you know they want - information, a tip, a secret, competitive product comparison, etc. That's ALL the landing page does.
    2) Force them to complete a web form to get whatever you're offering.
    3) Follow up with information, clues, tips, etc. that aligns with where they are in the buying process. Newbies want to research. The next group wants to know how you're different from your competitors. The final group needs proof that it's OK to buy now.

    You can do this quite well with CPV/PPC. Think about a piece of information, a tip, a hint, or a secret that your prospects would fall all over themselves to have. Offer THAT in your ad and send them to a landing page where all they have to do is provide name and email to get that thing they really want. Then, if you use almost any of the marketing automation platforms out there, you can send them follow-up information and track what they like or don't like.

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