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Results-Driven Marketing Creative in Four Steps, Part 4: Matching the Lead Gen Process

by Cameron Avery  |  
January 28, 2014

The previous article in this four-part series discussed delivering an effective message through the right medium. We've also covered briefing and concepting, and how they tie together to deliver creative that's focused on generating results.

But our creative needs to go through one last stage before it can deliver measurable results: It has to match the step-by-step lead generation process.

Why Won't They Buy?

Part of being a marketer is recognizing the various stages your customers go through before they commit to making a purchase, and developing lead generation tools that both promote and facilitate that exchange.

You understand the barriers to the purchase decision—such as limited budgets, brand inertia, and, in business, the need to prove that a solution can deliver a return on investment. In response, you've developed a series of offers and promotions to help customers overcome those challenges at each stage of the buying cycle.

But that's a job half done; you still have to put these assets out into the real world to generate demand. And to get the best results, you need a structured approach that efficiently engages the target audience during the key stages of the buying cycle.

Step-by-Step Lead Generation

Results-driven creative is all about developing efficient content that delivers measurable results.

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Cameron Avery is the CEO of Elastic Digital, a channel marketing company and creator of the demand generation platform The Grid. Elastic Digital complements The Grid with a full-service creative agency and team of channel marketing experts.

LinkedIn: Cameron Avery

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  • by Saravanan Tue Jan 28, 2014 via web

    An impressive array of ideas. Thank you for sharing…. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

  • by Wed Jan 29, 2014 via web

    Good stuff in this post like promote the solution and explore what the benefits mean to the end user.Be focus on building customer relationships and for marketing social Media is the best way to attract more customer.

  • by Gracious Store Wed Jan 29, 2014 via web

    Good point on creating content that is customer oriented rather than content that is focused on SEO

  • by Mike Williams Thu Feb 6, 2014 via web

    Cameron, thank you for the great article that explains everything step-by-step so clearly. Regarding the lead generation step in and of itself, there could be several approaches ranging from buying a list of leads to nurturing them in an organic fashion. We started a new service called meetleads to convert your website visitors into leads with minimum effort. As it's a free cloud-based service, we hope you may give it a try to see whether it adds any value to your lead generation efforts.

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