The near-ubiquitous media presence of Will Ferrell's fictional character Ron Burgundy for Paramount's release of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" has rightfully earned high praise for breaking new ground in marketing.

But that marketing campaign became an instant classic by virtue of more than just rich mahogany and real bits of panther; it owes much of its success to great content—and great content strategy.

Having crossed the $100 million box office sales threshold in the US, Mr. Burgundy's got many marketers wondering how they, too, can combine content marketing, advertising, and social media for great business results.

Here are five important content marketing lessons we can take away from Mr. Burgundy's latest endeavors.

1. Blur the lines between content and advertising

Were the Dodge Durango spots really ads? Or were they a viral content platform for driving demand and excitement for Anchorman 2? Was Ron Burgundy's North Dakota newscast simply a special treat for news viewers, or was it a brilliant way to stoke a viral storm of interest around the film?

Burgundy seemed to be at his best when you weren't quite sure if it was an ad disguised as content or content in the form of an ad.

Think about ways that you can have parts of your advertising and content live "double lives," support one another, and integrate.

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Adam Weinroth is chief marketing officer of OneSpot, a content sequencing platform used by leading brands to personalize their content and drive repeat engagement.

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