Well, almost. In addition to 20 years in marketing (yeah, that helped!), my many years in sketch, stand-up, and improvisation have provided many invaluable lessons, especially in the "ballsy" department! Comedy and marketing have much in common. Well, comedy is marketing.

After all, brilliant comics are also fantastic marketers. (Hey, Jerry Seinfeld sold us a successful show about the mundane!) Below are seven marketing "truisms" that hold true in comedy as well.

1. Focus on your tribe

Choosing the right focus yields the greatest payoffs. Comedy, like marketing, is about knowing and concentrating on your "tribe."

Chris Rock is an excellent comic with a penchant for edgy material. Some years ago, he hosted the Academy Awards and received mixed reviews. Why? Rock's brilliance is in the edgier stuff you can't say on primetime television. When you have to water down your offerings for a wider audience, you dilute your differentiation and your chances of success.

So know your audience and know their needs, desires, and human challenges inside and out. Start there and go deep. Social communities don't exist to buy your stuff—they exist around a sense of purpose, a common goal. Find your tribe.

2. Decide who you are

Comics have to make hard choices—cutting out OK opportunities to focus on great material. When writing "funny," we spend hours only to end up with minutes of kick-butt material. Paring down is hard, but it forces us to make strategic choices about who we want to be.

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Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping It Human, helps companies turn marketing-speak into compelling human stories. A comic improviser and marketer, she also runs a marketing podcast. Reach her via kathy@keepingithuman.com.

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Twitter: @kathyklotzguest