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Five SEO Steps to Take Before Redesigning Your Site

by Aleh Barysevich  |  
March 3, 2014

In this article you'll learn...

  • Key reasons for a site redesign
  • Five essential steps to prevent post-redesign SEO losses

Why do people redesign their websites? Reasons are abundant, and here is a list of the most common ones.

Modern look: You don't want you site to look outdated, so from time to time you brush it up in line with the latest trends.

More trust in the brand: If site owners continuously invest into making their sites better, users tend to associate trust their brands more.

Growing needs: Your business evolves. You might be changing the focus of your activities, your message, and your marketing methods, or you might even be repurposing your business—and so you need a redesign to make your site match those needs.

Higher conversion rate: Your current conversion rate is low and you think you can improve it if you change your sales copy's layout, create some extra pages that describe your products, revise your return policy, and make other tweaks.

Increased user engagement: You can improve user engagement in various ways, and you need a redesign in the majority of cases. You might feel that you can improve user engagement if you add videos, visuals, user reviews, so a redesign is one of the steps you take.

Better SEO and navigation: You might be moving to a different CMS that has built-in SEO capabilities. Or you're simplifying the structure of your site to streamline indexation. Or you're adding a blog to have an opportunity to add more fresh content. One way or another, you're redesigning the site for better SEO.

Taking into account my area of expertise, I'm obviously most interested in that final point: redesigning for better SEO. Although many people turn to redesign to boost their search engine optimization, in reality a redesign might have a negative impact on one's previous SEO achievements.

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Aleh Barysevich is a co-founder and the CMO of, which makes SEO PowerSuite (website promotion toolkit) and BuzzBundle (social media software) for bloggers, webmasters, and online marketers.

LinkedIn: Aleh Barysevich

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  • by Randy Mon Mar 3, 2014 via iphone

    Another great tool I recently stumbled upon is

  • by KAYAK Mon Mar 3, 2014 via iphone

    Yes, we redesign websites for our North American clients on a regular basis. We do it for 2 main reasons, 1) improve SEO, and 2) modernize. For more info, please check out this SMT article:

  • by Martini Tue Mar 4, 2014 via web

    Nice post, there are lots of things that we have to take care for maintaining an E-commerce site and it is a continuous process.

  • by RTMLguru Fri Mar 7, 2014 via web

    I specially like the headlines & outreach section the most. However i agree with Aleh also that Research your keywords and rankings. I would like to add anothore thing "Donít forget to set up an effective custom page not found error page (404 error page) before launching the redesigned site"

  • by Kimmy Burgess Sun Mar 23, 2014 via web

    Redesigning website is an important decision and should be taken care of wisely. You would not wish to stumble on something that is not better. If your site is performing well, and you feel that it can be made better, then choose carefully.

  • by Brittany Wed May 28, 2014 via web

    Thank you for this detailed how-to! In trying the first step, SEMRUSH, I'm having trouble finding data on our website. We use a subdomain, but the results are only for the domain. Any tips?

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