What do you associate with the term SEO? Does it conjure up thoughts of technical jargon and complex HTML coding? Do you instead take the view that content is king? Do you begin to sweat profusely at the overwhelming task of getting your website to rank on search engines?

You might be intrigued to know that SEO isn't always so technical. In the entire scheme of search engine optimization, social media has a useful role to play, one that compliments the internal and external components of a search friendly website.

Why Social Media Is Good for SEO

It encourages sharing

It's common to want content to "go viral." Many brands are hoping their content is distributed far and wide, especially if they've placed it on YouTube and Pinterest. User actions (shares, retweets, etc.) and user-generated content that occurs across social media platforms create a snowball effect, helping content to gain exponential popularity while telling other users that this particular post is worth viewing. The more a post is viewed, shared, or embedded, the more potential traffic your website can get.

It builds backlinks

Every website administrator knows that a backlink is useful for SEO. It tells Web crawlers that other websites find relevancy in this shared link. Not all links are made alike, however, which is why you will want to emphasize quality over quantity.

People have sometimes created multiple social profiles to simulate buzz for a brand. Google's search engine algorithms are designed to detect such spam-like content.

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Ken Myers is the founder and president of Longhorn Leads, which owns eNannySource.com, GoNannies.com, NannyPro.com, NannyClassifieds.com, and 4Nannies.com.

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