In many business sectors, marketing to people who are important to your business is all about teaching them and helping them to keep up with rapid change.

You're often dealing with a community of eager learners. Business content, to be useful, must be informative, not promotional. You receive the marketing benefit by just putting out great content that people consume.

The specific topics of that content of course vary by company and market sector. So, when planning content development, get inside your audience's head. Ask question such as...

  • What do people not know that they should know because knowing would help them?
  • What can your company teach people that will be of use to them but will also help enhance your brand's reputation?
  • What's interesting about your brand, product, service, people, or technology that sets it apart from those of competitors?
  • What is your company's expertise that you can share to help those with whom you must connect in order to create interest, preference, and demand?

Those are key criteria for determining worthy content topics. From there, available resources, imagination, and creativity should be applied to specific business challenges your company faces.

What actions are appropriate is a function of a company's particular competitive situation: Are you top dog in your category or a feisty newcomer attempting to grow awareness and credibility? Is your category fun or super serious? Can you make it fun? What are your competitors doing? What information is missing? Can you survey your community and learn what they want to know? Do you already know what they want to know?

Unfortunately, there's no easy, one-regimen-fits-all solution.

Content development has many facets. Two that are often ignored are content strategy and the reuse of content.

Strategy First, Then Tactics!

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Ford Kanzler is principal at Marketing/PR Savvy, a public relations and communications firm.

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