We recently launched an ambitious content marketing initiative—for ourselves. As a marketing agency, we do similar projects for clients all the time. I figured that writing for ourselves, about subjects we knew so well, would be easier than the ghost-writing, prodding, and project management that goes into a typical client project.

I was wrong.

The Project

We came up with the following scope for Phase 1:

  • 100 short "Q&A" articles
  • 18 "medium" articles
  • 3 "long" articles
  • 3 interviews

Total: 124 articles over roughly 3 months.

That works out to about two articles per week for each full-time employee (all of whom are participating). This article was written as we started No. 30, and it was originally published as article No. 40.

Why We're Doing It

Content marketing is going to become an increasingly important component of virtually every company's overall marketing program. That includes us. So, we're launching our own content marketing to attract new clients.

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image of Rich Quarles

Rich Quarles is a strategist at glassCanopy, a San Francisco marketing agency focused on startups, technology, and financial services. He has advised startups that have collectively returned over $2 billion to founders and investors.

Twitter: @richquarles

Linkedin: Rich Quarles