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If you're a newcomer to Facebook marketing, the good news is that you're in for a big surprise about how many different ways there are to attract fans to your brand. The not-so-good news is that it's not exactly easy: You need knowledge, time, money, and commitment if you truly want to see results.

A successful promotion can land you hundreds, if not thousands, of new fans—and plenty of leads. With the right approach on the backend, you will gain customers. So let's take a closer look at how to run an effective, popular promotion on Facebook.

1. Understand the Rules

Facebook has changed its rules regarding promotions, which is good news; instead of having to rely on a third-party source to create and operate a promotion, you can do it on-site, with Facebook. However, that doesn't mean you're off the hook completely. There are still rules that need to be followed.

Many of the rules revolve around how you can collect entries. For instance, you can collect entries by having users post on your Page or comment or Like a post. You can also have users message the Page, use Likes as votes, or use Shares for entry. Also, make sure that the promotion you're running falls in line with your local, state, county, or country regulations.

2. Pick a Promotional Theme

A Facebook "promotion" is a fairly loose term. It could extend to personality tests, quizzes, prize drawings, raffles and other contests, discounts, and a wide range of other offers. If you're requiring some action or sign-up and offering something in exchange, that's a promotion.

You can go with a Timeline promotion that uses a post to promote it rather than a fancy app that's more interactive. Though you still need to remember to ask for something of worth to you. Do you want someone to Like your page to become a fan? Do you want someone to share your material? Do you want someone to actually sign up for something, and so they have to give you their email address?

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Simon Campbell is a writer for facebook ad campaign tool Qwaya.

Twitter: @SimonXCampbell