"Content is King" and "this is the year of content" are thrown around on a regular basis, and have been for the past several years. Many of those references pertain to search engine rankings and algorithm updates, even though that's not what content creation should be focusing on.

Businesses should be creating content for what really matters—the person who could potentially convert and ultimately pay for a product and or service offered by the content creator.

Let's be real for a moment and agree that excellent content has the power to turn readers into cold hard cash. The following eight tips can help create a solid content marketing strategy.

1. Publish only good content

That might sound like common sense, but unfortunately not everyone understands that content should not be something thrown together or outsourced to the company with the lowest price. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but $5 content purchased from Fiverr is not going to benefit a content marketing campaign. If anything, it will turn away anyone who comes in contact with it.

Now, not everyone can sit all day and crank out content, so it makes sense to bring someone on board who is an expert in creating great content.

2. Write for your target market

Keep all of the content focused on your target market. When content begins to expand to subjects that are only slightly related or entirely off topic, it can cause your reader base to lose interest quickly and devote attention elsewhere—to other content that does address their subject of interest.

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image of Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long is the president and CEO of Market Domination Media, a Miami Beach-based online marketing agency based specializing in search engine optimization, content marketing, website design, and paid search.