In the past few years, Gmail has been making a lot of waves in email marketing: priority inboxes, promotions tabs... Every new release seemed intended to make life harder for email marketers.

But if we all just stop complaining for a minute, we might be able to see that we're being offered lots of hidden opportunities.

Here are four email marketing tips to help you get the most out of Gmail.

1. Show your CTA in the subject line

Wouldn't it be great if recipients didn't have to open your emails to follow the call-to-action (CTA) in your emails? What kind of conversion boost would that give to your emails? You can find out yourself with Gmail's Actions in the Inbox.

Gmail gives senders the opportunity to show certain email CTAs in the email subject line. Let's say your're inviting people to an event. You now have the opportunity to show the RSVP options next to the subject line, like this:

You could do similar things for other kinds of emails, including the following:

  • Collecting reviews for your webshop
  • Showing travel information
  • Asking people to check-in for their flight
  • Letting people confirm their newsletter subscription

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Edward Touw is an online marketer at Copernica Marketing Software. He writes about various digital communication topics, including email marketing and content management.

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