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The Right Video Content for Your Brand

by Serban Enache  |  
June 4, 2014

A video component in marketing campaigns can help drive engagement and so generate positive ROI.

But producing high-quality video content is prohibitive for many brands that might lack the bandwidth or resources to create the right kind of video that fits their image and goals.

Stock video footage can help, offering a wide variety of high-quality content types to help companies with messaging, sales, and other initiatives.

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Stock footage is used extensively in a variety of formats. It's included in presentations and ads, and also in content that is intended to become viral or is targeted toward social media fans or followers.

Video content is compelling, and stock video footage can be an effective way to draw attention to a brand. To generate an audience, video footage needs to visually engage viewers and provide them with meaningful information. If it doesn't offer some value (whether information or entertainment), then you need to look at an alternative.


Here are some best-practices for brands that want to get the most out of stock video:

  • First impressions matter. An exciting book cover will pull in readers, and an engaging video frame poster can do the same. You need to entice viewers to press the play button.
  • Be original. Consider using hand-drawn or stop motion animations to convey a warmer brand image and introduce a sense of fun and whimsy to the content. Live motion or futuristic 3D renderings can appear cold and flat.
  • Embrace the element of surprise. Footage can have impact when used in place of a still image. The viewer can be surprised by unexpected movement.
  • Don't set videos to auto-play, especially if they have sound. You want the viewer to be in control of playing the video; otherwise, it might seem forced or interruptive. There are sometimes exceptions if you need it to auto-play for accessibility reasons, but the overall rule is to avoid it.
  • Keep it short and simple. Attention spans continue to shrink and no one is going to sit through a two- or three-minute video. You want to quickly engage the viewer, keep them captivated, and then close with the action you want them to take.
  • Use HD resolution to present crisp videos. You should also select optimized video that is bandwidth-friendly, which is especially important for users accessing the content via mobile.
  • Combining your own video content with stock video has to be seamless in order to avoid any disconnect. You can supplement it with your own professionally done graphics or footage to make it look more authentic. Think of stock footage as an enhancement to your own content.

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Serban Enache is a co-founder and the CEO of stock photo and video site, LLC, where he handles business development strategy. He is also a co-founder and the creative director of Archiweb, an award-winning Web design company based in SE Europe.

Twitter: @SerbanEnache

LinkedIn: Serban Enache

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