Trying to be the best email marketer possible is just too mainstream, if you ask me. Really, why not aim to be the worst one instead? Besides, from the looks of things, many other marketers have already started pursuing this goal: There's no other sensible explanation to some of their practices.

So this post/guide/tutorial is for them. And, actually, for everyone who wants to be the worst email marketer online (for whatever reason).

And, first of all, good news: being the worst email marketer is a lot easier than being the best; but it still does involve some work on your part.

1. Send only promotional emails

This is the most important rule. To be the worst email marketer on the planet, you absolutely have to be sending promotional emails only. No useful content. No advice about anything. Just promotion.

You know, creating good content is too expensive and time-consuming. To create content, you actually have to possess some knowledge about something. But to promote an affiliate product, for example... you don't need anything at all.

And, of course, even when you promote your own products, don't invest in good copy, because there's no point. Just list a number of fake benefits, put a "buy now" link at the bottom, and press "send." Should be just fine.

2. Send emails twice a day

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Karol Król is a blogger, writer, and team member at SendinBlue, an email marketing service you can grow with.

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