Despite the rise of social media, mobile apps, and other forms of communication, email remains the number one way for many marketers to keep in touch with their customers.

Yet, using email appropriately requires a deft touch. Marketers must have a full grasp of not only which message to send to whom and at what point but also how to get their messages into the recipients' inbox in the first place. Hence the two critical "Ds" of email marketing: decision and delivery.

Current email strategies require competencies in both areas. Here are the top things you can do today to improve your decisions and delivery, and ultimately lead to improved customer engagement.


Because consumers are deluged by an ever-growing volume of commercial messages, the first challenge for email marketers is crafting relevant, compelling, and expected messages that cut through the clutter of today's inboxes.

There is no one-size-fits all approach for successful email marketing, but there are a few ground rules that should help marketers make better decisions when crafting their campaigns.

1. Segment your list using the data you already collect

Segmentation is an incredibly powerful way to improve the performance of your marketing efforts.

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image of Noah Jessop

Noah Jessop is co-founder and CEO of CommandIQ.

LinkedIn: Noah Jessop

Twitter: @njess


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Mike Veilleux is director of message management at Dyn.

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