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Using Video in Your Email Marketing

by Joe Forte  |  
August 7, 2014

Email marketers understand that the subject line, including key words within it, are vital to obtaining higher open and click-through rates, but what is just as important is a clear call to action.

It could be a phrase or sentence, a video, or a single word, but a clear call to action is the primary determinant of whether the email recipient will click on your email or delete it forever (and possibly block others you may send in the future).

I would argue that email marketers who want to improve their click-through rates should use video. If content is king, then your video content is that king's golden crown.

Video Increases Click-Through

It used to be that video content in email marketing was considered something of a trend, but in recent years it has become something more of a standard technique than merely yet another fading fad.

The first thing that will strike you about using video in your emails is that it will massively increase your click-through rate.

Different people learn differently, and using video is a good way to reach those who are visual and aural learners. Some people are very interested in music, for example, because they are primarily stimulated by sound (as opposed to physical touch or sight); others watch a lot of movies because they are primarily stimulated by sight, which is often considered the most important sense and the one that most people are powerfully drawn to.

Still, video alone is not enough in an email, of course. You need to include some text, especially an attention-grabbing headline or header, if you want people to click.

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Joe Forte is co-owner and producer at D-Mak Productions, an Arizona video production company based in Phoenix and specializing in full-service video production from script to screen.

LinkedIn: Joseph Forte Jr

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  • by Joe Gelata Thu Aug 7, 2014 via web

    @Joe, great post - I couldn't agree more! Like you mentioned, we've experienced a 2-4x increase in email CTR when using a video thumbnail that links to our landing pages. We've also seen landing page conversion rates above 30% when using video.

    We display our forms in the same frame as the video once it's done to make sure it gets maximum exposure without making the viewer scroll around. For example, here is one of our landing pages that discusses video marketing strategy which has a 33% conversion rate: Overall, video is helping us increase conversions right across our marketing campaigns!

  • by Adam Lundquist Thu Aug 7, 2014 via web

    Hi Joe,
    Interesting article:-) I especially thought you made a good point about using the video thumbnails instead of trying to embed monster sized videos! It seems that you are saying that your call to action is for the user to watch the video. I do see how videos could see how this would be a good thing for click through rate, but my question is what about engagement? With video what kind of stats do you recommend tracking? Length of time? Comments on the video?

  • by Ethan Beute Fri Aug 8, 2014 via web

    Hey, Joe! Thanks for spreading the word about video email.

    As you suggest, video is not magic - it has to work together with solid email content, subject line, and CTA. But it really helps bring the message to life, humanize your brand, and drive calls to action.

    If you don't want to worry about managing file size, hosting video for landing pages, losing audience to related YouTube videos, etc, you might give a look to one of the newer services that integrates video into email like ours - BombBomb (

    We've seen individuals, businesses, and organizations of all kinds win with video in email - especially with simple, non-slick videos from webcams, iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc. Mistaking it for a fad is, well, a mistake.

    Thanks again for spreading the word about video email! Have a super weekend.

  • by Anna Mon Aug 11, 2014 via web

    Hi Joe, Informative post, which drives marketers to next phase.

    Yet two queries, how can we use videos in ecom websites, is it similar to a TVC?
    Also according to my understanding, majority of ESP's does not support the use of videos which can be a hindrance?

  • by suzyspring Wed Aug 13, 2014 via web

    Informative article. Surely video in the mail will attract many people and simultaneously increase your promotion. Thanks for sharing this article.

  • by Home Income Seeker Fri Oct 17, 2014 via web

    Video is a great way to sell your product.

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