You have a range of video options on YouTube, and you can find plenty of advice online about how to optimize your video and what content to include in it.

What many don't realize, however, is that a lot of smaller features and options are available to make your video stand out. They might not be the most popular or the most talked-about, but they can give your video that extra something it needs to increase engagement and CTR.

If you have a solid YouTube strategy and you're looking for a few things to spice it up, it's easy to get started.

YouTube Annotations

YouTube annotations are essentially just little messages that you can have pop up at the bottom of a video. They can be easily closed out by the user, so they aren't particularly annoying, but because they can include clickable links they are a great way to improve viewer engagement and get them clicking to a destination of your choice.

Here is an example of a screenshot of a video with an annotation:

Among the popular annotations that companies choose to use in their videos are those that ask viewers to subscribe to a YouTube channel or a newsletter, send them to an article on the company blog or website, or link to a product page where viewers can purchase whatever it is they are watching in the video.

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