HTML... I have a confession: I don't even know what it stands for. But do marketers need to speak geek? Do you know your DKIM from your Kim Dotcom? Does thinking about SPF give you ADD?

Surely email marketing is like driving a car: You don't need to know how it all works, you just use it. It's simple: Choose your list, craft your message, send it into the world, and track the results.

Except when it breaks down and then you wish you knew a bit more than the basics! And email marketing can break down, including at delivery, when your beloved newsletter gets mistaken for spam.

Spam filters are here to make our lives better. But as marketers we feel frustrated if they block our emails. Using an email marketing application to be professional is a commendable step, but it's also good to know how to "pimp your ride," or fine-tune it, to get the best results.

Let's take a quick look under the hood of email delivery.

Four Ways to Get Your Spam Score Low Like a Pro...

mechanic under car

1. Tag it

An alt tag is used when the reader cannot view the image in their mailbox (if their email client blocks images, for example, or if the person is visually impaired). It is a description of the image in HTML code (that word again!) shown when the image isn't displayed.

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Carol Stott is international product manager at Mailify and a creative strangely attracted to the geek side of things. She also writes for the Mailify blog.

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