If you've been following the rise of content marketing, you know that it can be a bit of a roller coaster. One minute "content is king," and the next minute we're fearing the "content shock" that threatens to take us all down. It's enough to make any marketer wonder: Is content marketing worth investing in, or is it just a trend waiting to be replaced by the next big thing?

Fear not: Content marketing is here to stay. In fact, the term "content marketing" is becoming redundant as content becomes integral to any marketing strategy.

But with widespread adoption comes fiercer competition: The honeymoon period—when businesses could simply create great content and call it a day—is over. Good content marketing is no longer just about great content, it's about the entire content experience you're giving your audience.

In a speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival, Kevin Spacey said of viewers, "Give them what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in." (He was talking about Netflix's controversial decision to produce and release the first season of House of Cards all at once—a decision that paid off big time in the age of binge-watching and personalized TV schedules.)

In a nutshell, if you work with people instead of trying to make them work with you, they'll reward you with their time, attention, and loyalty. The same is true for your content—and, more specifically, your blog. Except instead of just time and attention, you'll get more leads (and more customers) too.

So, that said... What makes a great content experience?

1. Content That's Targeted... Like, Super-Targeted

There's so much content out there now that it's easy for anything you publish to disappear into the abyss of "10 Ways This Sloth Is Amazing You Won't Believe What Happens Next Plus Babies." So forget about creating content that competes with what's out there. Instead, focus on whom you want to reach and what it is they want, and need. Start by creating your buyer personas, then make sure every blog post you write is targeted to at least one of them.

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