Over the past decade, the blog has morphed from a personal diary into the most dynamic element of a website. It, or a manifestation of it, now constitutes the core of every brand website in the world.

Blogs have become so mainstream that creative types will do anything to avoid calling it a blog: "It's a magazine." "No, it's a newsroom." "Eureka, it's a journal!"

People, listen up. It's a blog. And no matter what name you give it, the corporate blog is the backbone of your brand messaging.

And it requires constant upkeep of plugins, features, images, tune-ups... oh, yes, a proliferation of engaging content, too.

That's where the contributor model comes in. For organizations, the blog is no longer the voice of one person. It's the voice of many telling the story of your brand.

The persona of the blogger has evolved, too (though some may still be creating content in their underwear). An authoritative voice—with online influence in your vertical—is essential to the reach and amplification of your content.

How do you juggle the demands of keeping your blog current and on message using the contributor model? Start with these four fundamentals.

1. Hire a blog manager/editor with mad skills

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Lisa Kasanicky is ClearVoice's content curator, focused on keeping the agency's award-winning blog at peak performance. With a writing career that spans more than 20 years, she is author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Girlfriend Getaways (Alpha Books, 2009) and creator of a website dedicated to beauty and wellness.

Twitter: @azspagirls

Google+: Lisa Kasanicky