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We've all named things in our lives: pets, children, weird snack concoctions... So naming your new product or company should be a breeze, right? Unfortunately, that's rarely the case.

A good product or brand name should be memorable, and it should support a larger strategy. It also has to be accepted by your entire organization—and it's at that stage where most internal naming efforts are thwarted before they've even begun in earnest.

Naming is an art, and there's a reason dedicated naming agencies exist. Without a strategic plan, a naming initiative can quickly devolve into a free-for-all, with stakeholders battling it out for their personal favorite.

That doesn't mean you have to automatically hand over your naming project to the experts. But if you approach it the way a naming agency would, you'll have better chances of success.

The entire process starts with a good naming workshop to help set up the playing field, establish key parameters, and ultimately increase your chances of reaching consensus.

Here are 10 steps to running an effective, relatively pain-free naming workshop.

1. Get Everyone Together in a Room

And not just the marketing folk. There's value in getting people from different parts of your organization involved. The goal is to get as much fodder—ideas—as possible; new perspectives are vital. What's more, an inclusive approach will get people on the same page and make buy-in easier down the road.

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Emma O'Brien is creative director at FVM Strategic Communications, a full-service B2B agency based in Philadelphia. Contact her at eobrien@thinkfvm.com.

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