Product Placement Tip No. 1: "The Secret of My Success." Join in the game.

Could there be anything headier than seeing your designs or products adorning stars like Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, or Angelina Jolie? Until you've scored a great placement, you can't know the crazy and myriad ways it can help your brand. The cost-benefit ratio makes it a no brainer. But, like the lottery, you have to be in it to win it.

Product Placement Tip No. 2: "Bend It Like Beckham." Be flexible.

Being flexible can score you big points with a production. Your product might be almost perfect for their needs. But if you can offer to change the color, size, logo, or dimensions, doing so could win you the placement.

Product Placement Tip No. 3: "Beat the Clock." Timing is critical.

Filming deadlines are tight. When costume or set designers ask for something, they usually need it yesterday. No matter how stellar your product, if you can't deliver it on time you'll be blacklisted. Make triple-sure you can fulfill a request before you say yes.

Product Placement Tip No. 4: "Show Me The Money." Be patient, and the rewards will come.

If you want instant gratification, then product placement may not be for you. The lead-time for seeing your products in a show can be one month to one year, depending on the production schedule. However, the payoff is that millions of consumers may see your product associated with their favorite show or character.

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image of Jessica Cohen

Jessica Cohen is an Emmy-Award-winning set decorator and production specialist, and the founder of product placement company, "the Place for Product Placement."

Twitter: @LupRocks

LinkedIn: Jessica Cohen