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BBC Proms, a music festival put on by the BBC, created a quiz to promote the eight-week-long music festival, and it was a hit on Twitter.

In just a few hours, the quiz was viewed more than 10,000 times, and it prompted fans to post screenshots of their quiz results to share proudly with the world.

BBC is just the latest in a string of brands having great success running quizzes.


However, for every success like BBC's quiz, there are many more failures—terrible quizzes that have fallen flat.

Quizzes are a content type fundamentally different from, say, articles or videos: You aren't broadcasting your knowledge to an audience; instead, you are having a conversation with each individual quiz taker in a one-on-one setting. That's a big part of the reason that quizzes have become so popular, but that also means quizzes have to be created in a new and different way.

After helping more than 2,000 brands create quizzes at Interact, I've crunched a lot of numbers to discover the best methods for building amazing quizzes that generate response and traffic.

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