Black Friday deals. Holiday sales. Travel promotions. New Years offers. This holiday season, email marketers and online retailers are in a Hunger Games of their own: Keeping their promotional emails alive—and out of the spam folder—will determine their ability to survive this season.

Avoiding the dreaded delete button is a taxing battle: 23% of consumers claim they get overwhelmed with holiday offers and just ignore them, whereas 31% look but rarely take action (make a purchase), according to a recent Campaigner survey.

So, for example, just as Katniss Everdeen puts on fiery dresses to entice sponsors and amaze fans, email marketers need to adopt a mix of eye-catching graphics and personalized content to make a lasting impression.

In the spirit of the just-released The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Campaigner has developed a few tips for email marketers to channel their inner Katniss and emerge as victors from the email arena.

1. Channel your inner Katniss and prepare to be on-the-go

With her life on the line, Katniss is constantly moving from one side of the arena to the next. Your target audience will also likely be on the go, and using mobile devices, so be prepared to easily connect with them. Be sure to implement mobile responsive design templates to make your email content easy to read and interact with.

Like Katniss, who has more important things to do (such as fighting killer bees and jabberjays) than put up with small font sizes or excessive scrolling, your customers won't tolerate them, either. So avoid the email equivalent of the cannon blast signaling a tribute's demise; don't become a victim of the delete button and leave the email marketing games early.

2.  Appeal to all Districts through personalized content

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image of Seamas Egan

Seamas Egan is manager of revenue operations at email software and services provider Campaigner.

LinkedIn: Seamas Egan