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In the wake of Thanksgiving, no doubt we all lived on leftovers. I, for one, could lunch on turkey sandwiches and snack on pumpkin pie slivers for weeks. For those who prefer a little more variety, I can get you the recipe for my wife's turkey gumbo. (Or you could go to the Food Network for suggestions. I'm not sure about the turkey crostini, though.)

Few meals take as long to prepare as Thanksgiving dinner, so it's a good thing all that food doesn't go to waste. And it struck me this Thanksgiving that marketers could take a lesson from turkey gumbo—what I call the "leftover trick":

  • After you put all that work into creating that whitepaper, for example, think about what else you can make out of the asset.
  • Can your marketing team make a meal out of that webinar on social media?
  • How many weeks of "content slivers" could you eke out of a new survey?

Here are five simple ideas to get you started, all of them so easy you can even do them in a somnolent state induced by too much tryptophan in your system:

1. Slides in SlideShare: Finished your webinar? Why are your slides not in SlideShare? Last year, the site averaged 60 million unique visitors a month and 215 million page views. Lead capture is built in.

2. Q&A From Webinar Into FAQ: You just answered a bunch of questions from interested prospects. Think of all the prospects who didn't attend but might be wondering the same things. Take the Q&A from your webinar and turn it into an FAQ blog post. You can even get lazy, like I did, and get a transcription service (such as Rev.com) to transcribe the Q&A for you. (It cost me $21!)

3. Transcript from a Good Webinar: If the webinar went well, why not transcribe the whole thing? You can turn it into a blog post, a series of posts, or stuff it under your replay embed the way Moz does with its Whiteboard Fridays. It's great for people who prefer reading to watching, and it can't hurt your SEO if you have something interesting to say. And transcription's cheap—typically $1 per minute.

4. Blog to Podcast: Here's another easy one you can order up from the post-meal couch. Turn your blog post—or all of your blog posts—into podcasts. (Services such as VoiceBunny charge about $125 per 500 words.)

5. Tweets From a Whitepaper: All those pull quotes, captions, and interesting stats in your whitepaper are just about the right length for a tweet. Use them to promote the asset itself. Again, this is just cut-and-paste stuff.

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Tim Matthews is VP of marketing at Incapsula and the author of The Professional Marketer. He occasionally publishes thoughts on marketing at Matthews on Marketing.

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