With the holidays upon us, food is inevitably a source of discussion. As a marketer, you know that for your content to provide value, it must be (like food) consumed and digested.

You also know that the ingredients, timing, and presentation all have an impact on what we consume!

Straight from the marketer's cookbook, therefore, here are four tips for making your content readily consumable.

1. Choose the finest ingredients

Image by Steve Buissinne via Pixabay

Great food starts with great ingredients. Great content is the same. Knowing your key messages and differentiators, and really honing your tone, are the basics.

If your company doesn't have a specific voice and you haven't even begun to think about personas, consider doing so; the more you know about the tastes and preferences of who you are trying to reach, and the more you appeal to those, the more effective your content.

2. Keep it fresh

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image of Julie Wingerter

Julie Wingerter is VP of strategic partnerships at content marketing software SnapApp.

Twitter: @JWingerter

LinkedIn: Julie Wingerter